Frequently Asked Questions

The following are real customer questions and have been answered by Colin Walker (BSc. Sport & Exercise Science, Former NZ Bodybuilding Representative) or Cliff Harvey (Nutritionist, Strength Coach, Certified Natural Therapist, IAWA All-Round Weightlifting World Champion).

  1. What is Leppin Sport?
    Leppin Sport makes products for energy, strength, speed, endurance, body building, dieting, general health, injury rehabilitation and general quality of life. Our mission is “to assist athletes in being the best they can possibly be.

  2. Why should I take Leppin?
    It’s 100% NZ owned and operated, we use natural flavours. Our products have been used for many years by a wide range of top NZ athletes. We are also all athletes at heart and these products have been developed with both the weekend warrior and elite athletes in mind.

  3. Leppin Squeezy Questions

    If you have had an active day (sweating a lot ) is it useful to have a squeezy before your run?
    Definitely, if you have an active job it would be essential to have some form of energy before exercise. Ideally, you should eat 2 hours prior to your training session as a rule. However, if you have your afternoon tea for example at 3 pm and have an active job such as a courier or labourer you would benefit from a squeezy 15 mins prior to your run. Remember to have it with enough water and if it’s a hot day carry some extra water with you.

    If you sweat a lot during a run on a hot day can they be taken more regularly than every 30mins?
    Yes, they can be taken every 15-20 mins but remember to take on board water as well approx 150mls with each sachet. On a hot day, I would recommend 200-250 ml of water per sachet especially if you do sweat a lot.Once you start taking them during a run do you have to continue so you don’t have a sugar crash?
    Ideally, you should have them at regular intervals however since they are a complex carbohydrate base there is not such a sugar rush as with some other products so you won’t get the accompanying crash.

  4. The events (2-3hrs) that I have been competing in are all morning ones. I usually have breakfast at 6.00am on those days and start time is usually about 8.00am As you can see I am already two hours into my breakfast energy before the event starts! Any suggestions on what I should eat prior to my race?
    Eat a good breakfast such as porridge or wholemeal toast includes an egg or two as well. We would recommend 1cup or more of cooked rolled oats or 4 slices of toast with a banana on top. Over the next 2 hours drink, 700ml of Enduro Booster mixed at 50gm of powder per 700ml. 5 mins prior to race 1 x gel with 150ml of water. Also, consume 2 gels or the equivalent energy per hour of exercise

  5. How do I use Creatine?
    During the Loading phase: Take five grams (one teaspoon) with a carbohydrate based drink (Grape juice or Raro are fine) 4-6 times daily depending on body weight. Maintenance phase: Take one teaspoon daily after training sessions or with breakfast on rest days. Benefits may be enhanced by taking creatine in eight-week cycles, separated by a break of four weeks

  6. I can’t tolerate gluten and am an athlete, so I need to know if your products are made from any gluten containing ingredients ie. wheat etc? The products I currently use are Leppin squeezes and Enduro Booster powder.
    RE: Gluten Free Products
    All our carbohydrate products are derived from CORN not WHEAT so in essence, they are all gluten free.

    However, some products have added amino acids such as L-Glutamine which can have an effect on very gluten intolerant people.
    These products include:
    Enduro Booster powder,
    Recovery Formula,
    and Endurance Athlete.

    So best to try a small amount of these before you start using them all the time when training or competing All our protein products will have a small amount of L-Glutamine in them but no Gluten from Wheat so these will be ok for those not so susceptible.

  7. I want to get a good Protein sports drink I can drink as a meal replacement and after training.
    I train 5-6 times a week for an hour each day sometimes longer on the weekends.
    I saw the endurance athlete drink. Will that be suitable, or should I just get the active woman drink?
    If you are training 6+ hrs a week we would definitely recommend the Endurance Athlete over the Active Woman. It has both protein and carbohydrates as well as a full vitamin and mineral blend. If you prefer the Active Woman flavours remember to add a banana or two to your post-exercise shake as this will give you an added energy boost to replace what you used during your exercise.

  8. Hi, The Leppin Squeezy says on the packaging that ‘It is not suitable for pregnant woman.’ As I am pregnant (and still exercising lightly) then I was wondering why the squeezy was not suitable.
    Could you please advise.
    This is a mandatory labelling requirement. We would recommend the “Enduro Concentrate” it only has Maltodextrin, two Electrolytes (Sodium/Potassium) and Vitamin C. 1-2 serves a day should suffice, lots of Pharmacists sell this product as a substitute to Plasmolyte or Gastrolyte specifically for pregnant or breastfeeding woman who are struggling to stay hydrated and/or maintain some exercise regime.

  9. I have been using Squeezys and am considering getting the Big Squeeze as a cheaper and cleaner way of using them. How does this keep once opened – does it need to be kept in the fridge?
    The Big Squeeze are fine to keep the gel in once opened. There is no need to keep it in the fridge just make sure you keep the lid tightly closed and store them in a cool pantry.