About Us

Leppin Sport International

Leppin Sport was incorporated in November 1993 initially manufacturing and marketing a range of carbohydrate based energy products for endurance athletes. All manufacturing is based in Auckland, New Zealand. The Leppin brand now appears on over 50 products in a diverse range of markets and countries.

Leppin Sport makes products for energy, strength, speed, endurance, body building, dieting, general health, injury rehabilitation and general quality of life. Our mission is “to assist athletes in being the best they can possibly be.”

We have sourced raw materials of the highest grade from around the world in an effort to supply the best quality product that delivers the best results – every time.

Our hi-tech dairy proteins are from New Zealand, with ingredients sourced from select suppliers in locations such as Switzerland, Germany, USA and Japan.

We avoid using artificial flavours and do not add any colours and do not use simple sugars in our products.

We are very excited by the opportunities that good nutrition can bring to us all, and recognise that many people are still unaware of the huge benefits of giving our bodies the right nutrition to perform. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, just starting out or recovering from illness or injury, the Leppin Sport product range will help you achieve your goals.

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